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Event Overview: Kenkana Entertainment takes pride in presenting a birthday celebration that not only brightened up the grid but also added a touch of elegance and glamour. “Brightening up the Grid – 30 and Fabulous” marked Makena’s milestone birthday with a Pink and Rose Gold theme that radiated sophistication. Join us in revisiting the stunning and stylish moments of this unforgettable celebration.

Event Highlights:

  1. Pink and Rose Gold Elegance: The venue dazzled in shades of Pink and Rose Gold, creating a harmonious blend of femininity and luxury. Every detail, from table settings to decor accents, reflected the theme with precision.
  2. Chic and Stylish Decor: Meticulously curated decor elements, including floral arrangements, balloons, and personalized touches, contributed to the chic and stylish ambiance of the celebration.
  3. Culinary Delights: The culinary journey was a treat for the senses, with a menu that not only satisfied the palate but also complemented the theme with delectable Pink and Rose Gold desserts and cocktails.
  4. Fashion Forward: Makena and guests embraced the Pink and Rose Gold dress code, adding a fashionable flair to the celebration. The result was a visually stunning ensemble that perfectly complemented the theme.
  5. Dancing under the Stars: The evening transitioned into a dance extravaganza, with a Pink and Rose Gold dance floor illuminated by sparkling lights. It was a celebration that seamlessly blended sophistication with vibrant energy.

Impact and Success: “Brightening up the Grid – 30 and Fabulous” was a resounding success, capturing the essence of Makena’s style and personality. The Pink and Rose Gold theme added a layer of glamour to the milestone celebration, making it an event to be remembered.

Contact Information: For inquiries and bookings, please contact us at:
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Kenkana Entertainment continues to create events that are as unique as the individuals we celebrate. Let us bring your vision to life and curate an event that reflects your style and personality. Contact us today to plan your next celebration.

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